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P r e v e n t i o n! Is better than a cure!

Here at Terrigal Dental we are all about Prevention! Attending regular visits to the dentist prevents toothaches and wallet aches. Lets put it into perspective, lets say you skip your 6 monthly check up and by the time you get around to coming back it has been 2 or 3 years since your last visit and you come in with a nasty toothache which can then result in paying upwards of $5000 to save that tooth. With regular preventative check-ups potential problems can be detected early and treated straight away. This approach represents the best value for money and prevention is better than a cure.

It doesn’t take very long for plaque and calculus to develop into decay, gum disease and other oral health problems. People must be aware that daily at home brushing is not sufficient enough to maintain adequate oral hygiene. It must be supplemented by professional cleaning at the dentist. Regular check ups are also essential for early warning signs that you may be unaware of including: Tooth decay, changes in the gums, underlying problems, damage or breakdown of previous dental work.

At Terrigal Dental we take a pro-active approach to address all potential problems before they have a chance to develop into serious conditions.

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