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Ash’s Orthodontic Treatment

Terrigal Dental’s receptionist Ash has recently begun her orthodontic treatment and we will be sharing with you her experience through blogs and Facebook to give you an inside view on the process of braces and what it involves!


First we would like to share with you why Ash decided to get braces. When Ash was growing up her teeth came through fairly straight, but as she got older and her wisdom teeth started to erupt they put pressure on her upper and lower front teeth causing them to start crowding and rotating. Even though she had her wisdom teeth removed the damage was done and over the years those lower front teeth slowly became more and more crowded making them difficult to clean and floss. Her upper front teeth also continued to rotate changing the look of her smile.

When she started working here at Terrigal Dental Ash became more self conscious of her changing teeth and decided to have a chat with Dr Charles about using orthodontic treatment to straighten them.


During her first appointment, Ash and Dr Charles discussed the issues with her teeth and the different options for going ahead with treatment. After deciding on a plan of action Ash had photos and mouth moulds taken, then was sent of for x-rays.


If you would like to ask Dr Charles any questions about braces and orthodontic treatment feel free to send us an email at

We look forward to sharing the rest of Ash’s story with you over the coming months.

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