About Boston

Boston – The Therapy Dog

One of our newest team members, Boston, is a 2 year old cavoodle. After working with many anxious patients, Dr Charles and Dr Laura saw an opportunity to combine their love and knowledge of dogs with a way to help their nervous patients and began to research ways in which they could introduce a therapy dog into their practice.

Boston was a rescue dog that Dr Charles and Dr Laura adopted through Dog Rescue Newcastle in February 2018 for the purpose of being that therapy dog.

Since being adopted last February, he has undergone extensive training and assessments to gain a Canine Good Citizen Award through the Delta Institute.

Boston is available to give cuddles to patients, both young and old or to sit with nervous patients during treatment. He has comforted many anxious patients, as well as children.

His favourite pastimes are eating, particularly anything chicken-flavoured, chasing after tennis balls and stealing his brother’s food. His weekends are spent walking into Terrigal to get a morning coffee with Dr Laura and Dr Charles, he is very social so if you see him around, please say hi!

FAQsKnow More About Boston

As therapy dogs are relatively new to dental practices, we have come up with a list of commonly asked questions about Boston:

A therapy dog is a specially trained dog who assists with providing comfort and and affection to people in stressful situations. A dental therapy dog is a dog trained to assist nervous patients before, during and after their dental procedures. It is one of the ways we hope to help people that avoid the dentist due to fear.

Therapy dogs come in all sizes and breeds. The most important characteristic of a therapy dog is its temperament. A good therapy dog must be friendly, patient, confident, gentle, and at ease in all situations. Boston has been chosen as a therapy dog as he exhibits all these traits. Therapy dogs enjoy human contact and are content to be petted and handled, sometimes clumsily. Boston loves nothing more than human contact, whether it be a pat on the head, or sitting in your lap.

Boston has received his qualification through the Delta Society, an organisation that trains and registers therapy dogs for hospitals, aged care homes, schools and other areas.

To read more about Delta-qualified therapy dogs, please view this link:

Yes! Boston loves a pat and he’ll even sit in your lap for a cuddle whilst you’re waiting for your dental appointment. If you want some extra attention during your appointment, feel free to bring Boston in to the surgery and he will sit on your lap and comfort you throughout your procedure. He’s got a special talent with upset children and has been known to bring smiles to the faces of even the most nervous children at the dentist.

The purpose of the harness is to signify to Boston that he is in ‘work mode’. When he is in work mode, he is very calm and well-mannered and takes his job very seriously. Once the harness comes off, he goes back to being a regular dog and is unmatched in his ability to do zoomies around the park!

Boston is at Terrigal Dental on alternate Wednesdays and Fridays, you’ll know he is at the practice if you hear a friendly ‘woof’ hello! If you have an appointment coming up and really need a hug from Boston before your treatment, just call 02 4384 2101 and we will make sure he is available for you.

Yes! Boston is one of the most pampered pooches around. In accordance with Delta’s strict requirements, Boston is regularly bathed and groomed. He even has a mint-flavoured doggy deodorant to keep him smelling fresh! Although Boston is clean, like all dogs, he will shed a little and we have lint brushes available if you find yourself a little hairy after a cuddle.

If you are interested in adopting a rescue dog, speak to Dr Laura and Dr Charles, they are involved with Dog Rescue Newcastle and can put you in touch with some of the foster carers so you can help give a dog like Boston a forever home.

Boston lives with Dr Charles and Dr Laura and lives the life of a regular dog when he is not at the practice. When Boston is at home, he spends his time bossing around his brother, Rufus, who is a border collie x and unfortunately, too big to come to the practice.

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