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What’s Your Flavour?

Tell us what’s your flavour? Flavour of tooth mousse that is!

We all know how important it is for our bodies to get the right nutrients to stay healthy, but did you that certain minerals help to protect your teeth? While the most well known is fluoride, calcium and phosphate are also key ingredients in maintaining a healthy smile!

Introducing… Tooth mousse

Tooth mousse works by remineralising the enamel to make it stronger and more resistant to an acid attack. It therefore reduces the tooth’s likelihood to breakdown or decay. It is also able to neutralise acid produced from plaque or other internal/external sources.


People who may benefit from tooth mousse include those who may experience:
– High decay risk/rates
– Poor plaque control
– Erosion or gastric reflux
– Dry mouth
– Acidic oral environments
– Sensitivity
– White spot lesions
– Pregnant mothers
– Orthodontic patients
– And those who wish for the benefit of extra protection.

All the flavours are amazing and yummy for kids and adults.

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