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Soft drink is bad for your teeth for two reasons:

1. The high sugar content provides food for the bacteria that cause decay, leading to holes in your teeth
2. The high acid content wears away the outer surface of your teeth, exposing the inner surface which is closer to the nerve. This can lead to sensitivity and if severe, can damage the nerve, and may lead to needing root canal treatment. To prove how highly acidic coke is, the pH of water is 7 (neutral) but the pH of coke is 2.63 which is only one point higher on the pH scale than battery acid.

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By Terrigal Dental | May 10, 2019

Why are my teeth yellow? Teeth whitening/bleaching

Cleaning your teeth and maintaining their level of whiteness, isn’t as easy as it sounds… and we completely understand! Starting your morning without a warm cup of coffee and winding down without a glass of wine, just doesn’t sound as enjoyable. To make things worse, it is not just coffee and wine that stain your…

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By Terrigal Dental | September 6, 2018

Good Start Tumbi Umbi – Tuesday the 6th of September 2018.

On Tuesday the 6th of September, Amber and I went to Good Start at Tumbi Umbi to give the Oral Health presentation about why we have teeth and how to keep them happy and Healthy. As we arrived, the children were outside playing in the fresh air, in the sand pits and on their bikes….

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By Terrigal Dental | May 22, 2018

Terrigal Dental is now moving to 3/40 Oceanview Drive, Wamberal

Why are we moving? 1. Better parking and no dealing with Terrigal traffic! 2. Level access so no more walking up the stairs! Having been in our current location for 50 years now it is now time for a new beginning and a new place! Along with our new location we will also be welcoming…

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